16.06.2023 Meeting with the German delegation from the City of Bonn

A meeting with the German delegation from the City of Bonn was held on Friday, June 16, 2023 from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. in the historic Ca' Farsetti Palace in Venice. The meeting was organized by the Venice City Council's Department of the Environment and Europe Direct Veneto of the City of Venice, in collaboration with the Eurocultura
The purpose of the meeting was to promote the exchange of best practices in public administration between officials from the City of Venice and officials from the City of Bonn.
The delegation, composed by 15 officials, was invited by the promoting partner Eurocultura di Vicenza under the European program Erasmus+, and welcomed by the staff Europe Direct Veneto del Comune di Venezia.
Central topics of the meeting were environmental and climate protection, water management, implementation of sustainability, and adaptation to climate change, addressed by technical delegates in environmental and urban planning. 
To conclude the morning, the head of the Europe Direct office of the City of Venice introduced the delegation to the functions of the Europe Direct network and led a tour of the municipal headquarters Ca' Farsetti - Ca' Loredan.
In 2018, a similar meeting had been organized with the delegation from Bonn, where the topics explored had been: competencies, funding and relations with the Region and State of the Metropolitan City of Venice.
Some photos of the meeting: 
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