15.04.2019 Competition notice "Become European Citizens" 2019

The competition "Become European Citizens" 2019 has been opened for young people and schools organized by the European Federalist Movement in collaboration with Europe Direct Venezia Veneto, to stimulate active and conscious European citizenship.

The competition shall consist of one of the following tests:
- WRITTEN TEST: article, short essay, theme, report, thesis, etc. maximum 4 pages of a protocol sheet or 5 folders. See the themes in the competition notice.
- GRAPHIC TEST: chosen format; all techniques, including multimedia techniques, are permitted. See the themes in the competition notice.
Competition for students of the three-year period of secondary schools in Veneto.
Deadline for submission: 15 April 2019 (see details in the notice)

PRIZE: The winners will be rewarded with a stay of holiday and European training at the House of Europe of neumarkt (Styria - Austria) from 29 July to 3 August 2019.
The winners will be officially awarded on Tuesday 14 May 2019 in Mestre during the conference-debate "Europe for young people" which will also host the award ceremony of the competition "Let us become European citizens".

For further information please contact:
European federalist movement
regional secretariat
via poloni, 9 – 37122 Verona
tel. and fax: 045– 8032194
e-mail: verona@mfe.it

Europe Direct of the City of Venice
green number 800 496200

fax 041 2748182
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