05.04 - 03.05.2018 - Thematic meetings "Regionalisms in Europe: deepen in order to understand: an open dialogue" in Mestre, Venice

Europe Direct of the City of Venice, Information Service of the European Commission operating in the Veneto region to promote debates concerning European issues, and the Department of Comparative Linguistic and Cultural Studies of the University of Venice, in collaboration with the Nicola Saba Association and the Kolbe Cultural Center, organize three meetings about the theme of regionalisms in Europe.
They will be held at the Officina del Gusto in Via Paolo Sarpi 18, Mestre-Venice.

- 5 April 18-19.30 Catalonia
supervisor Patrizio Rigobon

- 19 April 18-19.30 Belgium
speaker Fréderic Bauden

- 3 May 18-19.30 Scotland
speaker Marco Fazzini

The purpose of these meetings, at the end of which an aperitif will be offered, is to understand the origins and dynamics of the regionalist phenomena in Europe, deepening some of the most striking cases.
Free entry until exhaustion

Photos of the events:




For information:
Europe Direct of the City of Venice
free toll-free number 800 496200
e-mail infoeuropa@comune.venezia.it
website www.comune.venezia.it/europedirect 


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