01.12.2022 Climate Change Contest Awards Ceremony - 10th Edition 2022

CLIMATE CHANGE - The Grand Challenge


On Thursday, December 1, 2022 at 9:30 a.m., at ATENEO VENETO San Marco 1897 Campo San Fantin in Venice, the event on the results of the 10th edition of the Climate ChanCe 2022 communication contest "Climate Change - The Grand Challenge." was held.

The event has been organized by Shylock Centro Universitario Teatrale di Venezia in collaboration with Ca' Foscari University and Europe Direct Venezia Veneto. The initiative also has had the patronage of Ministry for Ecological Transition, CMCC Foundation EuroMediterranean Climate Change Center, WWF Italy, Legambiente, ISDE Italy, Italian National Commission UNESCO.

Speakers by:
BIANCA NARDON - Shylock University Theater Center of Venice
LUCA MERCALLI - Italian Meteorological Society
GIULIA FORGHIERI - Ca' Foscari University, XR Venice
FRANCESCA VIANELLO - Europe Direct of the Municipality of Venice

Unpublished contributions alternated with edited works, both selected by a jury composed of Fabrizio Brancoli Daily GEDI Director of Veneto, Warren Cairns CNR ISP, UNIVERSITY CA' FOSCARI, Ferdinando Cotugno DOMANI, Serenella Iovino UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA at Chapel Hill, Alessandra Mazzai CMCC Foundation, Mariagrazia Midulla WWF Italy, Rosa Polacco - RAI RADIO 3, Silvia Scardapane INWARD Observatory on Urban Creativity, Maria Grazia Serra ISDE ITALIA, Paolo Virtuani CORRIERE DELLA SERA.

The call drew non-exclusive attention to some particularly impactful focuses:

  • Planet of environment and humanity: nature, pandemics, wars
  • The intergenerational relationship, between climate emergency and action.
  • New collective or individual lifestyles: forms of social and environmental adaptation.
  • Northern Italy of contrasts, from economic supremacy to climate hot spot in the Po Valley; The fate of Venice, divided between laboratory city or uncontrolled drift; Venice-Milan-Turin axis: a common environmental destiny between industrial North and culture North.
  • Europe of people, of environment, of solidarity solutions.

The initiative aims to stimulate the conception and production of communicative and artistic tools on the theme of climate change, enhancing a constructive or proactive approach in line with the in-depth knowledge base of the latest international reports on the subject.


For complete information:

Visit the City of Venice website page related to the Contest.
View the site of the Ateneo Veneto related to the award ceremony
Visit the site of the University Theatre Center of Venice
Visit the site of the University ca' Foscari Venezia - Sustainable Ca' Foscari

Some photos of past award ceremonies:

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