International Policies, Cooperation and UNESCO

The Office for International Policies, Cooperation and UNESCO is a body of the Municipal administration operating under the General Directorate.
The Office for International Policies, Cooperation and UNESCO fulfills the following functions:
  • To define and manage Collaborationand Twinning Agreements.
  • To implement activities related to International policies, with the purpose of meeting the Mayor's mandate guidelines.
  • To programme and organize international events and meetings.
  • To handle relations with thematic networks that facilitate international exchanges, a process to be accomplished also in collaboration with the Directorates engaged in specific relevant topics;
  • To coordinate the Management Plan’s drafting, monitoring, and updating, as well its Action Plans and Projects, for the UNESCO Site "Venice and its Lagoon".
  • To coordinate the Site’s Steering Committee.
  • To monitor the Site's state of conservation and to periodically draft the corresponding reports, in concert with the bodies of the Steering Committee and the MiC.
  • To participate in UNESCO Site networks at the regional, national and international level.
  • To collaborate with other Directorates to define and realize transversal projects for the protection, enhancement, promotion, communication, as well as knowledge and and education, of the UNESCO Site.
  • To sustain calls for tender applications at the national, EU, and international level in the field of territorial enhancement, planning, and sustainable management.
  • To support and manage the establishment of new UNESCO applications and nominations.
  • To maintain its ties with UNESCO while handling relations with connected international bodies, both nationally and internationally.
  • To be responsible for access to credit procedures and individual financing projects.
  • To manage ministerial funds earmarked for the implementation of interventions and actions in accordance with the Management Plan and related Action Plans.
  • To communicate and disseminate the work accomplished and to exchange practices by participating in national and international conferences and workshops.
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