Working abroad



Being a European citizen you have the right to work for an employer or to settle a self-employment in any EU country without a work permit. Citizens who move their residence abroad for more than 12 months must register within the A.I.R.E (Register of Italians residing abroad).
Registration within the AI.I.R.E. is a right and duty of the citizen (article 6 law 470/1988) and is the prerequisite to benefit of a series of services provided by consular representations abroad, as well as for the exercise of important rights, such as:

- the possibility to vote for political elections and referendum by correspondence in the country of residence, and for the election of Italian representatives to the European Parliament in the polling stations set up by the diplomatic-consular network in the countries belonging to the EU;
- the possibility to abtain the issue or renewal of identity and travel documents, as well as certifications;
- the possibility of renewing the driving license (only in countries outside the U.E).

To apply, you must send your CV with a cover letter. In some cases, an application form is required. It is important to remember that the European format is not always the most appropriate. It is good to know how to fill out in relation to the country where you want to apply.
Undertaking an international career brings many benefits. People improve their language skills, enrich the CV, develop a global vision by acquiring the ability to contextualize their work in a larger dimension and make them more attractive to companies.
The European CV is part of "EUROPASS PORTFOLIO", the single framework of the European competence certification devices, composed of EUROPASS CV, DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT, CERTIFICATE SUPPLEMENT, P.L.E. - European Languages ​​portfolio ,, EUROPASS MOBILITY
Accessing to work background in non-EU countries (working visa) is complex and not easy to implement. It is essential to plan a working stay abroad a few months in advance, taking care of the preparation of documents, financial resources and linguistic skills required by the employer.

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