Publication "Guide to Financing 2017-2018"

copertina della guida

The publication "Guide to Financing 2017-2018"" is now available

Following the European Commission's budget proposal for the 2014/2020 period, Unioncamere del Veneto - Eurosportello in collaboration with Europe Direct in Venice, offers to citizens and local companies an updated and revised version of the Guide to European funding 2017.

The Guide to European funding 2017 is an easy-to-use tool, beneficial for guiding and informing citizens on 2014-2020 planning, which is currently in a full implementation phase.

The Guide to European funding 2017 is divided into thematic sections such as: research, technological development and competitiveness, environment, agriculture and fisheries, social change and innovation, internal security and immigration, education and culture, health and safety, taxation and customs, infrastructures and transport, training, international cooperation, financial instruments and European territorial cooperation. Within these sections are listed the main relevant European programs, in order to make the search for funding simple and instant.

This Guide is an operational tool to bring citizens and companies in the Veneto area closer to the possibilities of financing that Europe offers. 
The difficult political and economic situation that Italy and the European Union itself are facing, makes it increasingly necessary to consolidate the process of European integration and strengthen the financial instruments available to States, in order to promote and encourage economic growth.

The Guide is completely free.
It is possible to collect a printed copy (until exhaustion) of the guide at the:
Via Cardinal Massaia 45 - 30174 Mestre
green number 800 496200
fax 041 2748182

Go to the link of the online publications on the Eurosportello Veneto website

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