24.01.2019 Meeting with Tajani "The Long Run: l'Europa che verrà"

On Thursday 24 January 2019 at 18.30 in Martellago (Venice), at Villa Cà della Nave (Piazza Vittorio 14), the meeting "The Long Run: l'Europa che verrà" was held, it was an opportunity to talk about Europe and its role as an institution with the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani. Initiative by the Association "PoliticInformation" in collaboration with ACLI of the Veneto and Europe Direct Venice Veneto of the Municipality of Venice.


Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament, The role of Italy in today's and tomorrow's Europe
Roberto Rossini, National President of ACLI, The Role of the Third Sector in today's Europe
Luigi Brugnaro, Mayor of Venice and Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Venice, What opportunities can Europe give to have a Metropolitan city on European Standards?
Chiara Tagliaferro, Ref. European Area Policy DepartmentInformation, Knowing the European integration path for a conscious community citizenship
Marco Garbin, President of Political Information, Presents the new association explaining the purpose and future objectives

The discussion was moderated by the television journalist Domenico Basso.

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