2023 European Year of Skills


The European Commission has designated the period from 9 May 2023 to 8 May 2024 as the European Year of Skills on the awareness that job vacancies in the EU are at a record level and that learners' skills need to respond to the real needs of the labor market. The availability of a rich set of skills is a decisive element for seizing the opportunities offered by the green and digital transition. However, currently more than three quarters of EU businesses are experiencing difficulties finding skilled workers and the most recent Eurostat data indicates that only 37% of adults are in the habit of following training courses. Furthermore, 4 out of 10 European citizens (1 out of 3 workers) do not have basic digital skills.

The European Year of Skills helps companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to meet the EU's skills needs. It promotes the trend of retraining and upskilling, so that everyone can get the right skills for quality jobs.

There are four objectives of the European Year of Skills:

  • Promote larger, more effective and inclusive investments in training and upskilling to fully exploit the potential of the European workforce and support people in their transition from one job to another;
  • Ensure that skills are adapted to the needs of the labor market, also by cooperating with social partners and businesses;
  • Match people's aspirations and skills with the opportunities offered by the labor market, in particular for the green and digital transition and economic recovery. Particular attention is paid to activating a greater number of people for the labor market, in particular women and young people who do not have a job or follow a school or training course;
  • Attract people from third countries with the skills needed in the EU, including by enhancing learning opportunities and mobility and facilitating the recognition of qualifications.

To achieve the established objectives, the EU can count on the numerous initiatives already in place to support the development of skills. These include, for example, the skills agenda for Europe, the new European innovation agenda and the European strategy for universities.

The European Year of Skills will give new impetus to achieving the EU social objectives for 2030, which call for the involvement of at least 60% of adults in training activities and employment for at least 78% of the adult population. The initiative will also contribute to achieving the goals of the Digital Compass 2030.

Main events:
9 May - EUROVISION-style European Festival of Skills;
8-9 June - Making Skills Count event;
23-27 October - European Week of Vocational Education and Training;
11-16 November - Employment and social rights forum;
Early 2024 - final event

Visit here the large portal dedicated to the European Year of Skills
European Year of Skills!


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