10-17.03.2022 webinar "Orientation and Education to entrepreneurship"

On Thursday 10 and 17 march 2022 two online webinar on "Orientation and Education to entrepreneurship" were held, addressed to School Principals, Professors in charge for internship activities and orientation as well as to students enrolled in the last two years of secondary school in the Veneto Region.  
This set of webinar is organised by the Veneto Region School Office, partner of the Veneto network Europe Direct Venice Veneto, which is working together with the Venezia and Rovigo Chamber of Commerce and with the Euro-desk of the Veneto region, both partners of the Europe Direct Venice Veneto of the City of Venice network. 
These two webinars are aimed at promoting the knowledge of the world of youth entrepreneurship, to the  first step mechanism needed to build a start-up and the basic principles of the economic notions necessary to make infomed choices in the future, within the perspective of the formation of an active and conscious economic citizenship. 
In particular, the seminars are divided into the two dates of 10 an 17 march 2022 from 15.00 to 17.00, according to the following program:
Orientation and education to entrepreneurship 
10 march 2022, from 15:00 to 17:00
  •  Entrepreneurial orientation: the professions of the future and the entrepreneur's requirements, between innovation and proactivity - Dr. Stefania Giada Job and professional orientation Office, Chamber of Commerce of Venice and Rovigo 
  • Sustain and investments of the Veneto region to youth entrepreneurship: sustaining young people and startup toward new business models - Dr. Santo Romano Director of Economic Policy Area, Human Capital and Community Planning, Veneto Region


Youth entrepreneurship from Veneto to Europe 17 march 2022, from 15:00 - 17:00 

  • The economic and financial planning of a startup, funds and funding for youth entrepreneurship - Dr. Francesca Vianello, Directorate of Citizen and Business Services, EuropeDirect Venice Veneto and Dr. Geyleen Gonzalez Vera, Veneto EuroDesk, Veneto Unioncamere 
  • Business opportunities: understanding the role of startup and the functionig of the economic, financial and entrepreneurial system - Dr. Fabrizio Dughiero, Vice Rector for Innovation and Business Relations, Contact Contamination Lab (CLAB), University of Padua
  • Presentation of the Memorandum of Understanding ManagerItalia and Veneto Region: support young people and startups for new business models - Dr. Lucio Fochesato, President of ManagerItalia


How to participate:
  • The School Principals and Professors in charge for internship activities and orientation interested in the online event must submit their formal request via the SharePoint platform of the Veneto USR (orange symbol SharePoint, access via the institutional school credentials), by filling in a form for each webinar.   
  • The Professors  in charge for internship activities and orientation interested in involving the students of the fourth and fifth classes of their Institute, will have to fill out a form through the USR sharepoint platform for Veneto for each webinar, indicating the total number of participating school students, their name as a referring teacher and the institutional e-mail address to which to send the access link to the webinar, which is forwarded to the participating students by the contact person.


The registration form will be active until 13.00 on 7 March 2022 and the link to participation in the events will be sent to the email address indicated during the compilation of the sharepoint membership.

Participation in the webinars requires a certificate from the Regional School Office for the Veneto for the hours actually carried out.
For further information, please contact: DRVE.ufficio2@istruzione.it

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Some photos from the event: 

foto imprenditorialità

foto imprenditorialità

For information:

Europe Direct del Comune di Venezia
numero verde gratuito 800 496200
E-mail: infoeuropa@comune.venezia.it

E-mail: DRVE.ufficio2@istruzione.it


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