Quingdao - Cina (2001)


Accordo di cooperazione tra le Città di Qingdao e di Venezia, siglato il 19 settembre 2001, con il fine di realizzare un partenariato scientifico-tecnologico, con riferimento al Protocollo di collaborazione scientifico-tecnologica fra Italia e Cina.

Le due Municipalità, rappresentanti entrambe casi peculiari per la loro ubicazione geografica, intendono favorire lo sviluppo e lo scambio di studi sulla scienza e la tecnologia marina, soprattutto in rapporto alla gestione dei litorali e della conservazione ambientale.


Partnership Agreement

Establishment of the Science and Technology Partnership Cities
Between Qingdao and Venice


Qingdao (hereafter called A) is one of the coastal tourist cities of China, and at the same time is also a marine science and technology city.

Qingdao is well known for its,. natural environments and for its progress made in marine science and technology development. The sustainable development and innovation of science science and technology are guidelines and impetus. Qingdao is developing and using marine resources, at the same time, specially pay more attention to protect the marine environment.

Venice (hereafter called B) represents a special case. The uniqueness of the historic city and its monuments, enshrined in a lagoon system of natural and historic importance and experiences, makes it part of the common heritage of mankind.

In accordance with the "Protocol of the Tenth Meeting of Sino-Italian Joint Commission on Science and Technological Cooperation", the Video-Conference on the Protection of Marine Environments between Qingdao and Venice, held on October 10-14,2000, during which time, both sides raised the purpose of the establishment of science and technology partnership cities between Qingdao and Venice.

In order to promote the development for science and technology cooperation and exchanges between Qingdao and Venice, a repeated consultation, A and B made the decision on the Agreement of establishment of science arid technology partnership cities between Qingdao, and Venice. Qingdao Science and Technology Delegation is headed by Mr. Ma Lunye, Vice Mayor of Qingdao Municipality, invited by Venice Municipality, to visit Venice and sign the Agreement.

According to the rule of equality and mutual benefit through friendly consultation, A and B reached an Agreement on the establishment of science and technology partnership cities between Qingdao and Venice (hereafter called Agreement) in Venice.

The Agreement is as follows:

1. Since September 19, 2001, the science and technology partnership between Qingdao and Venice was established.
2. Both sides agree to develop jointly cooperation arid exchange on the marine science and technology and on city management in the future.
3. Both sides agree to support the joint projects with a high priority in the fields: Marine Sciences and the Coastal management, cultural Heritage Conservation and Restoration.
4. Both sides agree to jointly apply the concrete priority projects in the framework of EU-China Agreement.
5. When we determine the joint projects in the framework of EU-China Agreement, the projects on the protection of marine environment related to the Olympic Games, 2008 in Qingdao will be given high priority,
6. The agreement is written in English and is valid after it is signed.
7. The other issues will be solved through consultation between A and B.

Representative of Qingdao                                          Municipality Representative of Venice Municipality
Vice Mayor Mr. Ma Lunye                                            Mayor Mr. Paolo Costa

September 19, 2001

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