Tourist Report – Daily estimate of visitors to Venice

Knowing ahead of time the number of tourists planning to visit Venice will enable you to have a more satisfying, and also sustainable trip of the City.

Organize your trip to Venice ahead of time: if you want to really enjoy the City, and not wait in queues for museums, public transport and access to parking areas, avoid days when big turnouts of tourists are foreseen.

Consult the Tourist Report with the 2020 daily tourist estimates, if you want to choose days with minor crowding.

The number of tourists tends to increase from Fridays to Sundays, and decrease on weekdays. Keep updated: certain weather condition may increase or decrease the number of tourists planning to visit.

Stay in Venice as long as possible. If you want to really know it, explore it slowly without rush, not simply by crossing it, but stopping over in the lesser known spots even in the evenings, or early morning when it is less crowded.

Consult the calendar, click on the days you're interested in, and follow the advice


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