How to promote your event?


Are you planning an event and would you like to promote it more at local/national and European level? Here are some examples of how to promote it:
1- Insert your event on the calendar of events on the website 
2 – Join the Facebook group e connect on twitter
3 - In the case of public events, create promotional texts and flyers and distribute them, create a dedicated Facebook page and send your friends, place the event on your site and on the communication channels used by you.
4- Send an article to your region’s local newspaper to make your event and European Day of Languages known (don’t forget to mention the day’s website)
This year, event organizers can also download a certificate of participation in the day.
To make your event more visible on different social networks, you can use the hashtag #coeEDL.
Every year the number of events organized all over the world and in particular in Europe is growing considerably as well as schools, associations and bodies that contact us to request the gadgets of the day.
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