EU Institutions

Bandiera dell'Unione europea

Institutions and other bodies of the European Union
List of all the institutions and bodies of the European Union reported on the official website of the Union.

La sede della Commissione europea

The European Commission
The Commission is one of the key organs of the institutional system, represents and protects the general interests of the European Union and plays a driving role in the integration process. It proposes laws, policies and action programs and implements Council and Parliament decisions policies. 

Una foto del Parlamento europeo

The European Parliament
The European Parliament is the representative assembly of all citizens of the member countries of the Union and participates, in its capacity as an elected body, in the legislative process.

La sede del Consiglio dell'Unione europea

The Council of the European Union
It is the main decision-making body of the European Union, bringing together the ministers of the Member States according to the problems on the agenda.

La sede della Corte di Giustizia

The European Communities Court of Justice

It guarantees compliance with Community law and the correct interpretation and application of the Treaties

Foto della Corte dei Conti

The European Court of Auditors
It is the EU's external audit institution, helping to improve all aspects of the financial management of EU funds, playing an essential role for citizens.

Logo ufficiale del Mediatore europeo

The European Ombudsman
It has the task of examining complaints filed by citizens against instances of maladministration by EU institutions and bodies.

Logo ufficiale del garante europeo della protezione dei dati

The European Data Protection Supervisor
It is responsible for ensuring respect for the right to privacy with regard to the processing of personal data by EU institutions and bodies

Logo ufficiale del CESE

The European Economic and Social Committee
The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is an advisory body charged with representing employers, trade unions, farmers, consumers and other interest groups that collectively make up organized civil society.
The EESC is a bridge between the Union and its citizens, promoting a more participatory and inclusive model of democratic society.

Logo ufficiale del Comitato delle Regioni

The Committee of the Regions
The Committee of the Regions (CoR) is the consultative assembly of the European Union which guarantees the consultation of the public authorities closest to the citizens - mayors, municipal and provincial councilors, regional presidents - on the European Union's proposals that interest them directly.


The EU executive agencies
A number of specialized and decentralized European agencies have been set up to provide help and advice to Member States and their citizens. The agencies respond to the desire to geographically decentralize the bodies of the European Union and to the need to cope with new tasks of a legal, technical and / or scientific nature.


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