Transcription of vital records drawn up in Italy and abroad

The office is responsible for the transcription in the Vital Record Registers of deeds and measures received from other municipalities, consular authorities, birth centres, jurisdictional authorities or other entities provided for by law (births during flight, sea navigation, etc.).


An Italian citizen who is abroad, even temporarily, is required to notify the competent Italian consulate of any vital record events that occur on foreign territory that concern him or her.


Birth, marriage and death certificates issued abroad concerning Italian citizens are then sent by the consulates to the competent Italian municipalities for transcription in the vital records registers.


The deed whose transcription is sought must be:
- in the original: the deed in a foreign language must be accompanied by an official translation into Italian and legalisation (a specific declaration attesting to the authenticity of the document) affixed by the Italian consular or diplomatic authority present on foreign territory, or an apostille in countries that adhere to the Hague Convention of 05/10/1961, if the State that has drawn up the deed does not adhere to specific international agreements that provide for its exemption; - drawn up on a multilingual form for countries that adhere to the Vienna Convention of 08/09/1976.


For whom is it intended?

Citizens who are in possession of a vital record certificate formulated abroad and express interest in its transcription.


What to do

Submit an application to the Civil Registrar, who will check whether the conditions provided for by law are met.

Listed below are the forms to be completed and submitted to the Civil Registrar: 

Forms must be presented at the counter at: 

- VENICE - Transcription of Deeds and Divorces Office

- MESTRE - Favaro Veneto Civil Registry Office - Piazza Pastrello (go to section Locations, contacts and opening hours)


The certificate, extract or copy is issued directly at the counter.


Quality standards

Time interval between request and issue of certificate/extract or copy <= 30 days.

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