Public transport services

Road and water-based public transport services in Venice are managed by the ACTV - Public Transport.

For more information on timetables and routes, contact the Hello Venice service on (+39)-041-2424 or visit the site

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Boat services

Venice is without doubt more accessible than you might think. All vaporetto landing stages are accessible to the disabled. Problems may, however, arise during particularly high tides when the access ramps may slope excessively.
In the vaporetto line 1 and 2, travelling along the Canal Grande, 4 wheelchairs at a time are admitted.

Boats on line LN connecting the city with Lido di Venezia and the Cavallino - Punta Sabbioni littoral are also accessible.
The motorboat are equipped for only wheelchair at a time.
Two ferry boats operate between Tronchetto and Lido di Venezia, with lifts and toilets for the disabled.

A special price of 1,50 Euro (from July 1, 2015) is applied for wheelchair users and is comprehensive of the possible accompanying person's fare.

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Bus service

Physically-disabled persons and/or those using wheelchairs may only use specially-equipped bus services. At equipped/serviced bus stops (with “BUS FACILE” logos) there is the possibility for all physically-disabled persons with/without wheelchairs to safely get on/off buses, even independently. For more information you can visit


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