Europe 2020 e the new policy of cohesion

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EUROPE 2020, the European Union’s ten-year growth strategy developed by the European Union, addresses major challenges such as overcoming the crisis and aims to fill the gaps in our development model by creating the conditions for a different type of socio-economic growth:
1. smarter because it is based on knowledge and innovation;
2. more sustainable because it is more resource-efficient, greener and more competitive;
3. more inclusive because with a higher employment rate that is capable of fostering social and territorial cohesion.

In line with the European strategy, the POR - Regional Operational Programme intends to focus its strategy on Priority Axis that take up the thematic Objectives provided by the EU Regulation No. 1303/2013 in close relation with the Europe 2020 Strategy and in coordination and integration with the ESF Programme (European Social Fund) and RDP (Rural Development Programme) 2014-2020.

(See POR CRO FESR 2007-2013)

POR is the instrument through which the Veneto Region, thanks to the approximately 600 million euros made available by the European Union, the State and the Region itself, will develop from 2014 to 2020 a social and economic growth plan that will affect research and innovation, the digital agenda, industrial, energy and environmental protection policies. Due to the financing that the ROP will grant to companies and public entities, it will be possible, in practice, to facilitate and multiply the possibilities of investment in the territory, ensuring an important development opportunity.

The ERDF, European Regional Development Fund, is one of the European Structural and Investment Funds whose objective is to finance development projects within the European Union. In particular, through the ERDF, the European Union pursues its regional policy“in order to achieve the fundamental objective of economic and social cohesion between the regions of the Member States, that is, the harmonious development of the community as a whole.

The Veneto Region has started the process of drafting the ERDF ROP 2014-2020 establishing the ERDF Partnership Table for programming 2014– 2020 (tdp) on the basis of the experience of existing partnerships.

More information on communitarian programmes.
More information on the Partnership Table.

More information on the Calls.

To facilitate the understanding of the various aspects of the ERDF ROP, the following information material is available below in pdf version.



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