Exceptional high tide: appeal for donations from Italy and abroad

Venice was hit by an exceptional high tide - the second highest in recorded history - which has caused serious damage to the city, residents and to its economic activities.

 Historical buildings, banks and foundations, San Marco, museums, schools, islands, houses and shops have been devastated by floods and the fury of the wind.


"The city’s, inhabitants, with  the collaboration of the police forces, civil defense and the fire brigade services, immediately got to work to fix, restore and rebuild the city- declared the Mayor Luigi Brugnaro- however, the activity to be done is still enormous.


If you want to contribute to help support the rebuilding of Venice, you can do so through a donation that will be directed to restore what has been damaged by these tragic events and to get our city back to normal.


Italians are proud of Venice, it’s a legacy for everyone, and unique to the world.


Thanks to your help Venice will shine again!"


For donation with credit card


Account holder: Comune di Venezia - Emergenza acqua alta
Payment description: contributo emergenza acqua

For bank transfers made from Italy:
  • IBAN: IT 24 T 03069 02117 100000 018767 

For bank transfers made from abroad: in addition to the same IBAN it is necessary to indicate the BIC code
  • IBAN: IT 24 T 03069 02117 100000 018767 BIC: BCITITMM

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