#EUTour of Italy: stop-over 13 in Veneto


This year the Italian tour is coloured with Europe. The European Commission Representation in Italy will take part in the 2018 edition of the Tour, to give value to the European presence in our territories and EU actions in the fields of sport, health, environment and sustainable mobility.
Throughout the Italian tour, a RV with the colors of the EU flag will join the "snake" of the caravan, to inform the citizens and sport fans about the European policies dedicated to the environment, sport, health, sustainable mobility and food security.
Europe Direct of the City of Venice participated at all 6 stops of the stage n.13 on Friday 18 May 2018 from Ferrara to Nervesa della Battaglia thanks to the collaboration of the Provinces of the Veneto sub-network, in particular the Province of Padua .



PIOVE DI SACCO at 12:40 - Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, welcomed by the Mayor Davide Gianella and the Councilor of the Province of Padua Alice Bulgarello.



MARTELLAGO at 13.30 – Piazza Bertati, welcomed by Mayor Monica Barbiero.



VILLORBA ore 14.10 – Viale della Repubblica, welcomed by the Sport's Council member.



MASERDA SUL PIAVE ore 14:35 – Viale Caccianiga, welcomed by Mayor Anna Sozza.



SPRESIANO ore 15:00 – Piazza Rigo, welcomed by Mayor Marco Della Pietra, pink-weared.