Progetto PUMAS

PUMAS - Planning sustainable regional Urban Mobility in the Alpine Space

Programme Alpine Space


Alpine Space cities face common urban mobility challenges which call for innovative and cost-effective mobility solutions. The Alpine Space is a region with continued growth, including increased passenger and freight transport. It suffers both from large volumes of cross-Alpine and seasonal traffic as well as sprawl from its cities to the countryside.
The PUMAS project offers solutions to these challenges. It coordinates the development of the Sustainable regional-Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) concept which the EC strongly promotes and, in its 2011 Transport White Paper, even suggests as a mandatory approach. Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) has the following characteristics:

  • active involvement of all stakeholders throughout the planning process;
  • commitment to sustainability, i.e. balancing social equity, environmental quality and economic development;
  • looking "beyond the borders"  through an integrated approach between policy sectors, cooperation between authority levels  and coordination across neighbouring authorities;
  • focus on achieving ambitious, measurable targets;
  • targeting cost internalisation i.e. reviewing transport costs and benefits for society;
  • comprehensive method including all steps of the life cycle of policy making and implementation 


Città di Venezia

City of Munich - Department of Labor and Economic Development (Germany)
Munich’s Cooperation on Transport and Tariffs (Germany)
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lyon (France)
Vienna City Administration - Urban Development and Planning (Austria)
City of Torino - International Affairs Service / Mobility Service (Italy)
Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia
City of Nova Gorica (Slovenia)
FernUniversität in Hagen - Cooperative Systems Department i (Germany)

Duration of the project  36 months from July 2012 to June 2015

Total costs of the project 2.650.751 Euro

Contribution of the European Commission 1.998.789 Euro

Income for the City of Venice 775.997 Euro

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