Renzo Rosso and OTB for the Rialto Bridge: restoration sponsorship presented today in Venice

Five is his favorite number and it proved to be successful once again: Renzo Rosso's holding OTB won the sponsorship contract for the Rialto Bridge restoration with a contribution of 5million euro. The bid was made public yesterday and announced today with a press conference held at the Town Council in Venice, at the presence of the Vice Mayor, Mr Sandro Simionato, of the Deputy Mayor for Public Works, Alessandro Maggioni, and, of course, Renzo Rosso.

    The sponsorship contract foresees that the City of Venice will entirely take care of the planning, the works' management and the restoration, whereas the sponsor will cover all costs. A Communication Plan signed by the City of Venice and OTB sets the terms for  the use of locations and billboards by the sponsor: Renzo Rosso clarified that he will definitely foster creativity and use non-intrusive ads.

    "Today - started Deputy Mayor Maggioni - Venice wants to thank Mr Renzo Rosso, because, with his offer, he leads the way to a new relationship between entrepreneurs and local governments, putting into practice useful actions for their territories. We are facing a period of severe crisis in Italy and even a city like Venice doesn't have the means to cover all the restoration and maintenance works its immense cultural heritage would require. This is why Renzo Rosso's commitment is so important for us: it is a message for the entire world". Maggioni explained that the City of Venice will start working in January to sort out the preliminary research; once this is done, an executive plan will be prepared and finally a call for bids will be launched to carry out the restoration project. The restoration will last 18 months and should be finished by the end of February 2016. And this efficiency, "which is not only ours - underlined Deputy Mayor Maggioni - but also of the State Superintendency", was definitely appreciated by Renzo Rosso.

    "This surely is a virtuous example of cooperation between public and private sectors - then affirmed the Vice Mayor - since Renzo Rosso is not here to exploit the City's image, but rather to give back to his homeland what he received from it in the past and made him successful. I really hope there will be other "Renzo Rossos" willing to follow his path in Italy. And to those who might criticize us, I'd like to say that Venice is not only ours, but of the world: it is therefore one of our duties, as municipal administrators, to do all we can for its maintenance and improvement".

    "I always thought that it's a civic duty to bring back to the community we belong to. Among my responsibilities there is also that of preserving the cultural heritage of my country. The Rialto Bridge is one of Italy's icons worldwide and actually belongs to the whole world, exactly as my brands do. Of course Venice already offers plenty of events and cultural attractions, but I am sure that, thanks to this partnership, we will be able to attract even more attention to this wonderful city and develop new types of activities for a different international public", finally declared Renzo Rosso.

OTB is the holding which controls brands such as Diesel, Maison Martin Margiela,  Viktor&Rolf, and Staff International; in 2011 it had a turnover of 1.375 million euro, with over 6.000 employees in the world.??

Attached the press folder (sponsorship contract, plan, communication plan, Superintendency, feasibility study - in Italian only) and some pictures (picture 1,  2,  3)?

Venice, December 14th 2012 / cv



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