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"Venice Connected": new on-line booking system for public tourist services


Venice, Italy - From February 1st it is much easier to book a holiday in Venice thanks to "Venice Connected", the new on-line reservation system set up by the City of Venice. Simply by going to www.veniceconnected.com it is possible to book and buy on-line all public tourist services in town and save money at the same time.

Hereby the list of services:

  • public transport in Venice and to all the Island
  • public water transport to/from the airport
  • public bus transport to/from the airport
  • Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL) tickets for tourist buses 
  • Communal parking in Piazzale Roma
  • Civic Museums, including the Doge's Palace
  • public toilets 
  • weddings at the Town Hall
  • wireless Internet connection service

In order to buy reduced tickets, on-line bookings have to be made at least 7 days in advance. With the new "Venice Connected" pricing system, prices vary according to low, middle and high season, which are marked respectively in green, blue and red days on the "Venice Connected" on-line calendar. Therefore, by booking on-line, tourists are given the chance not only to save their money, but also to know the City's "sustainability grade" in advance and consequently to choose to come in less crowed periods.




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