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Venice Map

The cover of Fuorirotta. The other map of Venice

Fuorirotta is the guide for discovering "the other" Venice, the city of organic markets, parks, shops selling local produce, artisan workshops. "Fuorirotta - the other map of Venice" accompanies the visitor through the historic city, its islands and the mainland too, with Mestre and Marghera, pointing out 63 activities including workshops, farms, second-hand shops and fairtrade outlets.

But it also shows the parks and nature areas, and the routes of the public transport gondolas that cross the Grand Canal. The map contains a green etiquette guide, with tips for travellers: visit the city on foot, choose the least busy times, be careful not to pull wheeled bags over the bridges because it damages the steps, and avoid obstructing the boats and narrow streets with backpacks; when the water is exceptionally high, keep to the walkways. And it sends the curious tourist on an unusual voyage of discovery of the city insearch of fountains, which gush with excellent quality water in the streets and squares: the map encourages the use of municipal drinking water, and the re-use of bottles, to protect theenvironment.

Copies of the map are available in the venues indicated; the online version is available on this page.

Fuorirotta. The other Map of Venice is a project of the City of Venice in collaboration with the association AEres – Venezia for l’Altraeconomia. Info/Contacts:fuorirotta@comune.venezia.it

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