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Fuorirotta. The other Map of Venice collects all the information, advice, ideas for the travellers, looking for sustainable, original and supportive tourism in Venice, in the lagoon and on the mainland, as well as for the Venetians, who want to adopt a more dedicated and conscious life style, both as for everyday shopping and as for their cultural choices.
It is not only a map: Fuorirotta. The other Map of Venice lends itself to be used as a real guide to get around in the city and discover the eco-friendly, cultural and local-oriented initiatives, to get to know unknown sites, to enjoy the parks and the natural areas, to eat organic and zero-mile food, shopping in craftsmen’s and fair trade shops.
Fuorirotta. The other Map of Venice is a project of the Municipality of Venice in collaboration with the association AEres – Venezia for l’Altraeconomia.

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