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Città di Venezia
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By water

an ACTV waterbus

Getting around you can :

Take the vaporetto water bus  (ACTV public transportation)
Visit Hello Venezia to find information about routes, fares and timetable.
You can buy the ACTV tickets at the ticket booths at the docks or the VE.LA. ticket offices.

You can also buy tickets from one of the many authorised sellers (tobacconists', newspaper stores and some cafés): remember to stamp your ticket in the yellow machine before getting on the vaporetto.

Tickets are not sold on board the boats. If you find yourself on board without a ticket, inform the ACTV crew immediately so as to avoid paying a fine. 
Venicecard is a ticket that allows you to use the main tourist services that the City offers to the visitor.

At the boat stop there are maps depicting the directions all boats stopping there are going: the vaporetto is an easy way to admire all the mansions and buildings that overlook the Grand Canal and the lagoon.
To reach the main places of interest look at the vaporetto waterbus stops in the map

a ferry crossing on the Grand Canal

Cross the Grand Canal on (traghetti) ferry crossing.

You can feel the excitement of a gondola ride cheaply by using the ferry crossings that link the various parts of the two sides of the Grand Canal. Venetians use this transportation when they need to move quickly from one side of the Grand Canal to another without crossing one of its three bridges. There is a gondola ferry at San Marcuola, Santa Sofia, San Tomà, San Samuele, Santa Maria del Giglio, and the Dogana.

The fare is € 0,50.

Find the ferry crossings in the Map

a water taxi

Take a water taxi, recognisable by the yellow strip on the sides and the concession number.

New fares from September 15, 2008

a gondola

Take a gondola, surely the most romantic way to
sightsee in Venice.

The Institution for the preservation of the gondola and the protection of the gondolier publishes the fares on its official web site.

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