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Città di Venezia
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By ship or by boat

Map of the Venice port system

By sea

Venice can be accessed by sea by entering into its harbour: the Port Channel of Lido and the Port Channel of Malamocco are signalled off the coast by approach and introduction buoys.

The three separate harbour entrances offer very important guarantees for boater safety and permits a more rational organization of traffic according to the type of ships and places of approach and introduction.

Currently there are three harbour entrances that give access to the lagoon of Venice:

1. the inlet of Chioggia allows access from the south
2. the inlet of Malamocco, located at the centre of the lagoon
3. the inlet of Lido allows access from the north 

The harbour inlets of Lido and Malamocco represent the starting point of a dense network of interior channels that extend over 96 km and whose depths vary from 14.5 m to 10 meters under sea level. These smaller channels allow boats entrance to the harbour in the historic centre of Venice and the mainland.


By ship

Passenger cruise ships normally dock in the area of San Basilio where the new cruise ship zone Venezia Terminal Passeggeri (VTP) is located. It is easily reached by sea and by land, as it is located at the turnoff of the Ponte della Libertà, the bridge that connects Venice with the mainland.

Cruise Terminal (services for cruise passengers: shuttle bus from Piazzale Roma, water shuttle, pre-check-in ...)
Ferries Terminal 123 for Greece.
Hydrofoils Terminal (San Basilio 22) for Croatia.

For more information on the Harbour of Venice


By boat

Approaching Venice in your own boat can be an unforgettable experience. This city is not your usual seaside resort for a boating vacation.

Recreational boats can dock at dockyards operated by local sailing organizations or private companies.

In Venice (historic centre, islands, and Lido):

* Diporto Velico Veneziano
* Compagnia della Vela
* Riva dei Sette martiri e riva San Biagio
* Darsena Marina Alberoni
* Darsena VenMar

And on the mainland:

* Darsena Fusina
* Darsena Cantieri Dalla Pietà
* Darsena Marina di Campalto
* Darsena D.E.C.
* Darsena Scafo Club
Darsena = Basin


Regulations for water circulation

You cannot circulate freely in the canals in Venice due to the restrictions imposed by their inherent structure (some of the smaller canals are quite narrow) and by city regulations.
The only recreational boats that can navigate in the inner canals are those owned by residents in the Venice historic centre or lagoon islands or holders of special licenses for water space in the historic centre or the Giudecca and in craft whose tonnage does not exceed 5 tons.

On the other hand, tourists may travel at will from the St. Mark's Basin towards the Lido and the lagoon, while always observing the Practical Regulations 


EMERGENCIES AT SEA: Emergency phone 1530

* if you call using a cell phone, you will be connected directly with the Operating Centre of the General Headquarters of the Harbour Authorities - Coast Guard, that will implement first aid and rescue operations;

* if you call from a fixed phone line, you will be connected directly to the Harbour Authority having jurisdiction.

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