Venice welcomes first "Venice Connected" client

Kelly Vilven on her arrival at the Venice airport
Kelly Vilven on her arrival at the Venice airport

Venice, Italy - First "Venice Connected" client visits Venice: Kelly Vilven, a nice twentyfive-year-old engineer from Seattle (United States), arrived yesterday at the Marco Polo airport to spend her on-line booked holiday in town together with her family. On arriving, she met Paola Ravenna, Executive of the municipal European Policies Office, who welcomed her on behalf of the City.

"I was really lucky - commented Vilven enthusiastically - I was actually looking at travel information on-line on January 31st and there was a link on a blog saying this new site was going to open the next day, so on February 1st I logged in and purchased the tickets I was interested in".

"Venice Connected" is in fact the public e-commerce platform launched by the City of Venice at the beginning of February to book and buy on-line public tourist services at special rates, according to a "sustainability calendar" which shows when the town is supposed to be more or less crowded.

Vilven's choice went to public transport and museum tickets. She found the site very useful and really easy to use: "I definitely recommend it, because all news are in English and easy to understand and if there are further details needed they get back to you by e-mail right away. It seems I got a very good deal out of it as well", she added, not just because of the good rates but also because she could come and visit Venice in a less crowded period, which is what she was looking for.
Venice, April 3rd, 2009


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